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From the Website - Version 4

Example 1 online data entry

Example 2 online data entry

Use the intuitive web interface to fill in the I-CAN online during the group interview.

Photo Upload Support

Photo uploading...

   More than simply a support needs assessment, the I-CAN supports photo uploading to enhance communications.

How happy are you?

How happy are you

   How happy are you? How healthy have you been feeling lately? Questions that we don't ask often enough.

The Pen and Paper Interview Form

Example 1 pen and paper form

Example 2 pen and paper form

If you don't have internet access, fill in the Pen and Paper Interview Form and we can help with the data entry.

The Individual Support Needs Report

report example

   This comprehensive report is automatically generated by the I-CAN website. There is additional options to download summarized reports and task lists.

Statistical Graphs

graph showing individual domain scores

graph showing change in scores over time

graph showing comparison of two peoples scores

Graphs show where support is needed, allowing for classification, comparisons, monitoring change over time and measuring outcomes.

Cost Estimation

Example of Cost Estimation Tool

Estimate cost of providing services based upon actual support needs, rather than simplistic deficit based funding band estimations. Adjust on-costs and organisational costs to more accurately predict cost of providing support within the particular setting.

Support Needs Breakdown

Example 1 of support needs breakdown

Example 2 of support needs breakdown

Example 3 of support needs breakdown

Example 4 of support needs breakdown

The Support Needs Breakdown describes each support need. The online I-CAN tools guide support delivery and decision making. The right support empowers people. I-CAN do it!

I-CAN do it!