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I-CAN v5 Pricing

Please contact CDS if you would like further information. CDS will continue to offer special arrangments for research or academic purposes. Contact CDS if your organisation would be interested in version 5 of I-CAN.

Annual License

New information on our license fees coming soon, please contact us cds@cds.org.au in the meantime to discuss.

Annual Facilitator Certification

$140 – Includes ‘Audit’ of a completed report with consent

Per person two-day training attendance

$440 - includes one year facilitator certification on successful completion of certification requirements, and facilitator pack

All prices GST Inclusive.

We can deliver training at your location, with travel costs if outside of Sydney. If you are interested in the I-CAN, please get in touch with cds@cds.org.au or contact CDS. You can call us on +61-2-9036-3600. Special arrangements can be made for researchers, students and individual private practitioners. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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